If You Won MegaMillions What Would You Buy For Your Shop?

We asked the followers of our Instagram what they would buy for their shops if they won the MegaMillions lottery…and here were some of our favorite answers:

Give away everything I have now. And…start a renewable wood farm. Maybe 10,000 acres in Canada to grow the best hardwoods around. -@dkg_images

A building, with plenty of room for everyone who wants to build, and create but cannot afford the tools or the space. – @ej.leclair

The entire Festool collection. -@jasonjackson32

CNC and vehicle lift. -@weavil987

Complete sets of vintage chisels, vintage hand planes, a new wood lathe, a bandsaw, a new table saw, floors, a vacuum kiln and a dust system. -@squire_specialty_cuts

That’s easy. A cleaner that comes in every day. Oompa Loompas will do. -@tacomacarpentry

I would build a 40x15x10′ workshop. Then install enough solar panels to power all my tools at the same time and also have enough back up battery power to last me a month without any sun. Then I would insulate it and have all the air filtration systems to make the air clean. I would make it sound proof so that I can do work at any crazy hour that I want. Also have a small porch/deck to enjoy my cold beer that will be coming out of my tap dispenser. I think that’s enough for starters. -@therustikcut

I would like a 1200mm drum sander please. -@barejoinery

A dust collection system, CnC router, plotter, printer, industrial sewing machine, and a big ass shop truck. I mean I’d have to think about it. -@candhcreates

First I’d donate half to schools to bring back wood shop class, then I’d buy everything to have the most awesomest shop ever. -@forevermoore5150

I’d double my employees salaries. -@gm_reclamation


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