This Cool Pen Can 3D-Print Wood

Company 3Doodler has just released its 3Doodler PRO Pen+ that can “print” all sorts of materials, including regular 3D filament, metal, and yes – wood.

It’s worth noting, that while the 3Doodler PRO Pen+ is backordered, you can still order the basic 3Doodler Pen and use the new white birch wood filament to try it out.

This could be a cool stocking stuffer for the woodworker, geek, child (or inner child…) in your life, so stock up now!

  1. 3Doodler Pen: $79.95 (via Amazon)
  2. 3Doodler White Birch Wood Filament: $12.99 (via Amazon)

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