Holiday Gifts for the Wood Loving Fanatics in Your Life

For the Woodworker

1. Punny T-Shirts


The woodworker in your life deserves at least one of these sassy t-shirts to wear in the shop…anything from DAT ASH to SON OF A BIRCH to FIR SURE can be found here…check them out! [via Knot & Grain]

2. Festool Sword Saw

If you’re ever wanted to reenact the sword in the stone with your woodworking tools, this is the way to do it (but really, please don’t – we want you to keep all your fingers). [via Festool]

3. Flugz Ear Plugs

It can get loud in the shop, so treat your woodworker to this stocking stuffer so they can actually hear you say “Happy Holidays.” [$16.95 via Amazon]

4. Clamps

We will say this once: woodworkers can NEVER have enough clamps. Buy a few and clamp them to your woodworker’s stocking so they can spend the rest of the day getting down on their glue-ups. [$32.45 via Amazon]

5. Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Don’t let your joints get the best of you while you’re working on your joints. Woodworkers who are on their feet most of the day should have this anti-fatigue mat to make sure all that staining doesn’t lead to straining. [$34.99 via Amazon]

For the Aspiring Woodworker

1. Good Clean Fun

Nick Offerman is the Most Interesting Man in the Woodworking World. This book is an absolute must-read for those of you who have followed Offerman’s career or, you know, just like manly stuff. [$24.72 via Amazon]

2. The Joint Book

Glue can only get you so far. For everything else, there’s wood joinery. Join your fellow top-tier woodworkers and learn the best of the best from the rest who don’t rest. [$14.27 via Amazon]

3. The Artful Wooden Spoon

Wanna spoon? This book is the ULTIMATE resource about how you can get started carving spoons, ladles, cups, etc. – don’t spend too much time stirring about this purchase – just get it! [$14.19 via Amazon]

4. The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees

Robert Penn cuts down an ash tree and sees what he can make out of it. This is his story, and all we have to say to this is: DAT ASH [$17.67 via Amazon]

5. The Minimalist Woodworker

Use this book to convince your significant other that you need to invest in MORE tools so you can ultimately have LESS…yeah, that’ll work [$16.96 via Amazon]

For the Lumberjack

1. Pocket Saw

Just in case you ever need to cut down a tree in an emergency, you’ve got your handy-dandy pocket saw to do the job! This pocket saw can literally be kept in your pocket and just requires a little bit of upper body strength to get the job done [$23.95 via Amazon]

2. Stikkan Wall-Mounted Wood Splitter

This wall splitter is just as much a conversation piece as it is functional. Affix this to the side of your garage, or heck – the wall of your family room, so you can be ready to split a log at a minute’s notice [$159.99 via Amazon]

For the Classy Wood Enthusiast

1. Big Red Beard Combs

Woodn’t you like to have a nice ‘do? Yeah – you wood. We love Big Red Beard Combs for this reason! [$30 via Amazon]

2. Shaving Brush

If you decide to shave off your beard, you need to do so in style. Enter this amazing zebrawood shaving brush. [$47 via Amazon]

3. Oak Bottle

The Oak Bottle is a gift from God – it allows you to age subpar wine or spirits with the natural oak bottling process so you have better drinks in a matter of days. Who woodn’t want that? [$116 via Amazon]


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