Lignoloc, an Austrian company, has just engineered a set of wooden nails made from indigenous beech wood that have a similar strength to aluminum nails. The nails can be driven into solid timber without any pre-drilling to form an unseparable bond. Check out this video below for a visual explanation as to how the nails work:

Key Benefits of Wooden Nails
  • Quick and simple processing with FASCO pneumatic nailers
  • Hardly any water absorption, so no expansion
  • High holding power thanks to lignin welding
  • Resistant to fungal infestation
  • No streaking or bleeding on the wood
  • More environmentally friendly than metal fasteners
  • Installed significantly faster than wood dowels
  • No pre-drilling
  • No wood glue necessary
  • Made of indigenous beech wood
  • Better fire protection in wood structure than steel or metal fasteners
  • No thermal bridges, so better insulation values
  • Tensile strength similar to aluminum nails (~ 250 N/mm²)
  • Less tool wear when cutting nailed wooden components subsequently